Linda M. Wilson

Managing Member LLC



Linda re-entered the business world when her daughter was in the 2nd grade, and her older brothers were available to stay with her after school until their mother came home from work.


Linda’s business skills have always served as a foundation for the positions she held during the past 30 years.  Refreshing her skills with temporary secretarial work for 2-3 years, she started full-time with a well-known homebuilder in the Dublin-San Ramon area in Northern California.   As Executive Secretary, she worked consecutively for the Personnel Manager, Customer Service Manager,  and Marketing Manager over a period of 10½ years.  She consistently displayed the ability and knowledge required to assist her managers in an efficient, effective way using her skills and ability to interact with her peers and upper management with ease. 


During those years she interacted with the building management company regarding maintenance problems and the planning and implementation of tenant improvements, conducted market research in the field for the Marketing Department, and was instrumental in the planning, design and décor for a major office move, in addition to acquisition of land and new buildings for new pharmacy sites for regional distrubition.  She is versatile, flexible and responsive and always willing to accept new responsibilities.


For the next 23 years she was involved in the healthcare industry as Executive Secretary for the regional Vice President and management for a national long-term care company.  Having honed her technical skills for so many years, she was successfully able to support senior management with the ability, independence, confidentiality and cohesiveness required of her position.  Her greatest “innate” skill is the recognized asset of her “people skills”, constantly interacting with all levels of management throughout the company nation-wide.


Linda is a widow after 38 years of marriage, the mother of a son and daughter, stepmother of two sons, and a 26 year old granddaughter.  She loves her home, reading, working in her yard and photography.