Bart S. Corrie, Sr.

Managing Member LLC



Bart S. Corrie, Sr. comes from an impressive background as a business entrepreneur with extensive experience in sales and marketing with a creative edge in his business sense in working with people to resolve problems and moving forward to a positive completion.


As a young man in his teens, he worked in the family rock quarry (gravel pit) business along with his older brother.  At the age of twelve, the brothers were already running heavy construction equipment such as Cat Bulldozers, etc.  At age fifteen and half, he got his first driver’s license driving a diesel truck with a set of doubles, bottom dumps.  His father was a wonderful proud man, who was good and fair but strict, and wanted to teach his boys the value of a dollar.  During summer vacations, he would have them, sledge hammer in hand, stripped to the waist, breaking up the over-sized boulders that would not go through the rock crusher.  He recalls it was like being on the chain gang.  It did not hurt him, though it taught him the value of a dollar, and there were no other two brothers in better physical shape.


When he was twenty he was tired of the dust and dirt and wanted to work in the business world.  He applied for a job with an old-line conservative company called Metropolitan Life Insurance.  After a two-hour interview the manager told him that he was a sharp young man with a lot of good qualities, and would probably do well as an insurance salesman, but he didn’t think they could hire him because he was so young and not married.  Bart replied, “Do I have to be married, have five kids and drive a family station wagon”?  The manager was so taken by this twenty-year old’s response, he said “I don’t know what it is going to take with corporate, but I am going to get you hired”.


 He was hired by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. as an agent and in his first six months in the business he led the Western United States in sales.  At the time Met Life was number one and the industry leader, where he spent two and half years in sales with Met Life.  When Prudential Insurance Co. passed up Met Life, he decided that he wanted to be with the number one company, knowing that he would be offering his clients the best insurance programs available, and joined Prudential Ins. at the age of twenty three. 


He quickly became an agency leader and went on to win numerous awards.  He received the President’s Citation Award, was a Million Dollar Round Table Club qualifier and was awarded the prestigious honor of number-one salesman two years in a row, along with many other awards, all in his earlier twenties.


 Due to his success in the insurance industry, Prudential would fly him around the country, as he was sought after as a motivational speaker, to speak at various agencies throughout the country.  His specialty was working with business people in business insurance and estate planning and, with seventeen years in the business, has had extensive industry financial training throughout his career.


He felt he needed more in his life and wanted to be in busines for himself.  He was the founder of American Business Capital Funding Inc. helpful to small businesses in offering solutions to their financing and cash flow needs through factoring.  He was also the founder of two other successful companies in the energy conservation field, one of which was American Home Insulation Inc. offering home insulation and roofing services.  He worked in conjunction with P.G. & E. in their Z. I. P. program (Zero Interest Plan), a rebate program for homeowners who installed energy conservation measures in their homes.  Due to the way he ran his companies and the quality of service he provided to the consumer , he was appointed editor of the ZIP SCRIPT, a monthly newsletter P. G. & E. distributed about energy conservation.  He was also asked to be on the energy conservation Contractors Advisory Board.  The Better Business Bureau recognized the quality of his company’s service, and he was invited to be on the BBB’s board of directors for eight counties. 


He became drawn to the building industry and went to work for a major land developer in Northern California where, in a couple of years, he became Executive Vice President of Land Acquisition and Construction building high-end executive homes of three to seven thousand square feet in the three to six million-dollar range.  He worked in that position for fourteen years and then went on his own as a Real Estate Investor, again wanting to be in business on his own.


As a Real Estate investor his company RhinoOne Real Estate Investments LLC offers wholesale properties to other investors and Short Sale service to famlies in need that are facing Foreclosure.  The company also does property rehab with an exit strategy to resell.  The last rehab they completed several months ago was a high-end rehab on a ski condo with a great view of the ski lift slope at Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Incline Village, NV.  It sold for a $149,000 profit.   They are now moving into working more high-end executive homes in the multi-million dollar range, rehab and new construction up at Incline Village, NV.  


Through his experience he knows what business needs, and has put together a most impressive  team of Real Estate professionals.  His business goals through his experience and guidance is to help make every transaction successful and profitable for all parties involved.  Anyone who has been involved in a business transaction with him will tell you he has a high energy level and is a pleasure to work with. He says, “Our client’s success is a measure of our success”.  He has a degree in cooking, though never used commercially; only to satisfy his passion for cooking and entertaining.  Bart is an avid angler and an experienced yachtsman, and his two favorite places to fish are Alaska and Puerto Rico.  He says he could stay out on the water six months at a time without touching land and loves cruising coastal waters fishing.   He has a wonderful successful son who has the same passion for fishing as his dad and a wonderful daughter who is an executive with AT&T along with four super-charged grandchildren.