Charlene Manzer

Nevada Property

Wholesale Coordinator


Charlene, who goes by the name of Charley, has had a very interesting and diverse professional career which has empowered her with some unique professional people skills.  Charley is a people person and has honed her skills in working with customer clients by offering creative solutions in helping them reach their business goals.   Charley was born in Southern California but lived in New York for thirteen years and later returned to California.  She has now resided in Nevada for several years.


 As a young women with small children, she worked as a Professional Food Server in high-end restaurants in New York and California all while putting herself through Nursing School.  During this time she became a single mother and had to persevere even more while completing her Nursing School which she worked at for more than ten years.  At a point in her nursing career, with the long hours and the pressure of work, she came to realize that she was no longer able to give her children the time and guidance needed in raising them, so she left her nursing career.


In 2007 she and her family moved to Reno Nevada and, being in Nevada, decided to enter the gaming industry and put herself through the Reno-Tahoe Dealing School that same year to become a poker dealer.   She had the pleasure and opportunities of dealing to some of the great poker pros in the game.  She observed their unique skills on how they read the other players and how they dealt with them during a tournament.  At a point in time, one of her regular players, in seeing how she worked with people, approached her with a business proposition of coming on board to help him in opening a new company, the Data Suite, in Reno Nevada.  This business would provide data statistics for companies nationwide mainly geared to the Real Estate industry.  Data for home mortgages, various loans, homeowner statistics of purchase and resales, etc.  Charley came on board and was highly involved in creating a new cross reference search used in searching county records nationwide for pulling up real estate data for clients along with a complete marketing mailing service.  The company grew very fast and after two years the owner sold the business and Charley stayed on with the new owners.  Sadly, they tried to reinvent the wheel and ran the business into the ground.


We had the opportunity of meeting Charley and, due to her apparent people skills and data background, we had her come on board and she has recently been promoted to Nevada Wholesale Property Coordinator.  She is a welcome asset to our business model and is serving many real estate investors well in helping them grow their investing businesses.

Charley has five wonderful children that she has raised very well.  She considers that her children were her biggest and most important rewarding project in her life.  One of her two oldest twin daughters is a high school literacy and history teacher and the other is a surgeon.  Her other children are very involved in sports and her thirteen year old daughter is a fast pitch softball super star tournament baseball player.  She has had a grand slam winning the game in the last minute and recently, at a tournament in Southern California, her team was down by one run and in the last inning she knocked in the winning run to win and received the game ball; she also sings. Her son has given her a beautiful grandson and her sweet seven year old is also a singer, dancer, gymnast and sometimes a small tornado.  It is obvious she completes her project and does so very well.  She will complete your project.